The Wally Ratings

With the relaunch of the Three Red Kings website I thought now was as good a time as any to make a few tweaks to the Wally Ratings.

For the last two years, I’ve used the Sad Wally, Reasonably Pleased Wally and Happy Wally as the base standard with the Awed Paulie as a special award for a special performance. They’ve been great for the last while but as the site has grown I’ve been getting more and more emails from confused newbies wondering how we got David Wallace to do match reviews for the site. It never occured to me because, initially, I pitched using a Happy Wally as a joke qualifier until we got something more professional. But the more I’ve thought about it over the last few months, the dicier it seems. Using a former Munster player’s face (!) next to specific criticism of current players when said former Munster player regularly does media of his own? It’s like I wanted cease and desist emails. .

So with that in mind, I’ve devised a new rating system that sticks to spirit of the original Wally Ratings.

The Three Crown System

Player ratings are a tricky thing to get right. Rating guys on a scale of 1-10 always seems stupid to me; after all, what’s the big difference between awarding someone a 5 or a 6? Most of the time, a guy either played poorly, average enough, or quite good.

So that’s why TRK will now use the Three Crown System to rate individual performances.

I’ll miss the old style Wally Ratings as much as anyone but I think it’s the right time to switch over.