About TRK

Three Red Kings is a Munster Rugby fansite that launched in 2015 and has been providing an alternative look at Munster Rugby ever since.

This is not an official product of Munster Rugby or the IRFU. None of the views expressed here have anything to do with Munster’s management or staff in any way, shape, or form.

We believe in providing an alternative view regarding Munster and Irish Rugby to that which you will find in the national media and other sites. Ultimately, we want to provide an outlet for Munster fans to read about their province in a genuine, honest, intelligent, and partial way. This is a site for Munster fans and every post should be viewed in that light.

We do not claim to be representative of Munster supporters or provide any kind of consensus on behalf of Munster supporters. Not only do we not have a mandate to do so, we don’t want one, nor will we ever seek one.

We aim to provide intelligent, funny, honest commentary on everything Munster and we wholly reject knee-jerk negativity, click bait, rumour peddling for the sake of traffic, and forum skimming for content.

Anything you read on Three Red Kings will be the truth as we’ve heard it officially on Munster Rugby’s official site. We run a strict NO SCOOPS policy and you’ll never see a listicle, a “controversial for clicks” combined XV, or an [INSERT COACH HERE] OUT rant. We’ll leave that guff for others.

Please be advised that Three Red Kings is not your personal army. If you intend on sending an email suggesting we head a campaign to – for example – oppose the naming rights of Thomond Park, or change the kit supplier or sign a petition to have a player given a new contract (seriously) then please don’t bother. It’ll be deleted without response.

We aren’t taking content ideas at the moment, but if that changes it’ll be announced publicly.

Three Red Kings is a site for Munster fans, by Munster fans. And it always will be. #SUAF

Tom Savage

Three Red Kings